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Hugh Morrison is back with a new album, Prison Ballads.

The box-slinging Murder The Stout frontman takes to the mic solo this time to offer a unique collection of songs one might hear crooned from inside most any Greybar Hotel.

A very unique idea indeed. Morrison is good at coming up with ideas such as this (Robert Burns Rocks is a great example). So here, Hugh takes some well-known songs (and perhaps some not-so-well-known ones) and gives them all his proprietary Hugh Morrison stamp, from his vocals to his musical arrangements. Hugh puts his talents to the guitar, box and percussion here with some assist from Jed Marum also on guitar, banjo and banjola. Audrey Schmidt joins Hugh with backing vocals on a few tracks such as Prisoner’s Song, Tom Dooley and Down in the Valley. Hugh’s version of Auld Triangle is one I’ve not heard before, but it’s great. He sings it solemnly (as one would) sitting melancholy on their cot inside their cell. All the songs in fact are sung in this fashion; it sets the mood.

Many of the tracks evoke this mood one might have being locked up. The music, instruments and arrangements however, lift the somber mood wherever the lyric may be on the dismal side. Great guitar and banjo picking here from Marum along with Morrison’s squeezebox.

All in all, Prison Ballads is music worthy of clanking your mug against the iron bars to.  Add it to your collection.

You can find Prison Ballads on CD Baby and iTunes.

Wildy's World

"Morrison brings life and soul to Burn’s lyrics with the irreverent air of rock n roll never far away."

Celtic MP3 Music Magazine

"He has proved he can play a multitude of different styles well, and bring to them his own sense of artistry."

Celtic MP3 Music Magazine

Hugh Morrison is back again with a new CD full of fun accordion music that you just can’t help tap your foot to
 ..........................  His music is always uplifting!

Kelly Clement - KTAO Radio

"I've been enjoying the music very much. Great job."

Dirty Linen Magazine

......"between Morrison's stellar selection of tunes and his spirited playing, a listener never gets bored."


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