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Katy Ceilidh Band


The Katy Ceilidh Band plays traditional Scottish Ceilidh & Country Dance music.


Hugh Morrison Bio -

Wick born Morrison is at home with the real Scottish dance band style of music heard in many "Ceilidh dance halls" across Scotland. Scottish ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) music is defined by the rollicking, cheery accordion and fiddle melodies played by the likes of Sir Jimmy Shand & his Band, with whom Hugh Morrison chanced to study. Unlike its better-known relative, Irish button accordion, Scottish button accordion retains the hard-driving, working class rhythms of its origins in public dance halls. In addition to his grounding in ceilidh playing, Morrison is equally adept at the complex tunes of modern Celtic music. His recordings can be heard on Celtic music radio programs around the world, including the "Thistle and Shamrock" program and the BBC’s Mike Harding show. Morrison also performs with diverse "celtic" acts such as Street Dogs, Murder the Stout & Lonestar Stout but with Katy Ceilidh Band you can hear he is home from home with his music.


Judi Nicolson Bio-

Judi Nicolson is originally from Banchory, Scotland, the heart of North-East fiddle tradition. In 1984, aged 15, she won the Golden Fiddle Championship. She has appeared on television and radio and performed live as a solo artiste and also in groups and bands, including the Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band. She has several solo and band recordings to her credit, and has published her own book of compositions. She lived in Shetland for 15 years before moving back to Aberdeenshire to teach violin in the schools. She now lives in the Houston area with her husband and family.


Kendall Rogers Bio -

Originally from Kentucky, Kendall Rogers is one of the finest and most in-demand piano accompanist in Texas. In addition to keyboards, Kendall plays bodhran and piano accordion with Lonestar Stout. Kendall is a central figure in the region’s English country dance scene, and plays and calls as often as he can for the local contra dances, as well as working with Hugh, Judi and a number of other Celtic musicians. A truly brilliant musician who composes great tunes and is equally comfortable on whistles & guitar when called upon.


The bands previous gigs include...

Houston Heather & Thistle Society Burns Supper

Brenham Fox Hunt - Ceilidh Dance

Austin Country Dance Alliance - Annual Ball

Houston RSCDS - Annual Ball

Various Scottish Wedding Receptions



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Based in Katy, Texas, the line-up is - Hugh Morrison, (button accordion), Judi Nicolson (fiddle) and Kendall Rogers (keyboards). Dance caller available on request.

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